Sunday, November 4, 2012

National Dance of the Yeti

This week was absolutely amazing; we are super exited for the progress in this ward. Last night there were guys dressed up in like the abominable snowman outfits and also ancient Mayan dresses and were just staring at statues and paintings of Saint Judas and the Virgin Mary... Others in costumes danced to the beat of a drum with wood on their feet to make noise. I call it the National dance of the Yeti, but supposedly a dance that the ancient Mayans did (Matachines) to offer blood and sometimes human sacrifices to God, and the Catholics totally schnagged the tradition and turned it into dancing for and offering candle sacrifices to the Virgin Mary and Saint Judas... It is definitely one of the interesting traditions here!

This morning we totally attempted to make the blender pancakes... We didn’t have brown sugar, it doesn’t exist, we had to use powdered milk because there was no normal milk, and the baking powder totally didn’t work. So they were like really heavy crepes. They tasted good but it’s just not the same. It’ll have to wait :)

We have a few baptisms planned for the next few weeks and I’m just exited to continue working with Elder Robbins. It’s getting cold here; I finally got to use my jacket! Yay for cold and jackets!

Love you a lot

Elder Rhodes

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