Thursday, November 8, 2012

Look! No Handle bars!


Things are going well here too. We found 8 new investigators this week and had 7 at church. The main reason being that we found a family. They are from Africa and have investigated before, so we just called them up and have taught them twice now. They speak decent Finnish and are really great. When we go over, the whole family gathers around. There is a lot of respect for the parents and the kids all do their fair share. It was really sweet at church because church was starting and we just assumed that they were not coming, but then about 10 minutes into the meeting we see the door open and the whole family walked in one after another. I have never had a whole family come to church. It was a really cool.

But anyways, this week we were gone a lot. We had splits up in Oulu which was really fun. I was with my old MTC buddy Vanhin Perry. He is a really funny guy and we were just laughing all day. At night, we were walking home on these really creepy trails in the forest and I started to tell him scary stories, what with it being so close to Halloween and all. It was a perfect setting and really funny.

We had another splits in Joensuu. This one I was with a new missionary. I was using his companions old bike and the stupid handlebars kept going sideways because they were way loose. At one point, we were crossing a street and the car slowed down to let us go by. I start getting ready to go but right when I do I yanked the handle bars right out of the bike. The old lady in the car was super confused at what this moron ("moron" not "Mormon") with the bike was doing. I didnt know what to do so I just waved the handle bars I was now holding and signaled her to continue on her journey. I felt pretty stupid but just laughed it off and pretended that I did it on purpose.

At one point, we were crossing the street to start heading home and an old drunk lady yells "Jehovah witnesses are better" haha we just laughed and said "Kiitos!" (Which means thanks)

Ok, love you all family and friends.

Vanhin Merkley

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