Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Until We Meet

Greetings- looks like this will be my last official letter home as a
missionary in the field, so I will try to adequately share my thoughts,
experiences, and feelings from this last week.
First things first, we had a really hard working week. Elder Sorrell and I decided that for my last week we would try our best to achieve our daily goals for each daily key indicator, which in our mission is called 7/7.  After tons of miracles, smart planning, and hard work we were able to achieve it every day! It was one of those small miracles that made us feel really happy. It required a lot of diligence, including when I was pretty sick yesterday, and a lot of faith, but we did it!
On Saturday, a convert of Elder Colligan and I was married to his
girlfriend in the chapel! We ordered a special cake, and I lent him
my suit. They looked great. They were so happy. It was a special night. She has also come to know the truthfulness of the gospel, and will be baptized on Tuesday, my last night here! I feel so happy that I will be here to participate.
Yesterday was my last Sunday, and last minute I was asked to give a
talk/final testimony. As you all probably know, this has been another
very very special place for me. I felt so overwhelmed with feelings of
gratitude, happiness, and a little bit of sadness as well. I went up and
decided to share with them what has become my favorite missionary chapter from my favorite book, The Book of Mormon, in the 29th chapter of Alma.  Everyone near a Book of Mormon, pull it out and read it with me! Here, Alma  the Younger shares with us how he felt while serving the Lord, and repeatedly uses the work joy, which is one of the best descriptive words of the mission: joy!
For my last letter, I don't want to write some fancy big letter, nor something over the top. I just want to say that I feel exactly like Alma the Younger in saying that I feel so much joy..."*my soul is carried away, even to the separation of it from the body, as it were, so great is my joy." *(verse 16). Alma said it best. I really cannot describe how I feel...but I feel so happy. I am going to attach a letter that I wrote to give out to my Paraguayan brothers and sisters here. Thanks for all the support over these last 2 years. I am grateful for what the mission has been. I am nervous for the future, but I know that good things still lie ahead for me. I know that God lives, that Christ is our Savior, that the gospel is once again on earth.
Keep us in your prayers. Love you all!
Until we meet,
Elder Babcock

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