Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mini Mountains in Oaxaca

We went into the centro (basically downtown) today and it was really chaotic. I felt grateful to have spent a good portion of the past 18 months in quiet cities with a slow paced life. It made it easier for me to recognize the difference between material things and spiritual things. While both are necessary, there is a much different feeling for those things which are spiritual. The week was tough. I have been in the area a short time and Elder Ticona just arrived in the mission last Monday. He is a hard worker and has a firm testimony. He makes me laugh and we get along really well. I am confident we will learn a lot in this short time together. So anyways, I don't know the area very well and so we got lost a lot. We were running around trying to be on time to the appointments, and it was quite the adventure. We went to about the tippy top of the hills (I would say mountains, but in Utah we have mountains. While steep, these are mini mountains. We are busy as ever getting to know the area and the members and finding people to teach. All is well. I'm glad to hear from you. Know that I love you all and pray for you. Take care of yourselves. Elder Millet

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