Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mission Quotes

The beds here are great, the bed used to be totally bowed and bent down by obese missionaries, but we decided to flip it up and bolt it on so it was bow-up. So now it’s really high off the ground and I feel like I’m taking naps on a garbage can. It’s wonderful. I really love that it’s cooling down here, it’s totally livable now!

This week my companion and I were able to work together the whole week, something we usually don’t do for being on splits or having conferences or what not, and it turned out wonderfully, we were able to talk to a young man that read the first fifteen chapters of the book of Mormon and was super exited by all of them! He loved the Lehi's vision and knows the book of Mormon is true. Well we felt the spirit really strong and invited him to be baptized, he accepted and just as we were putting a baptismal date with him... He told us he is heading back to Durango next week... Well I guess the missionaries should get ready for a powerful convert. Meanwhile were loving teaching and helping him strengthen his testimony. We were able to work with a lot of members this week and I was able to give a talk in sacrament meeting about following the living prophet. It was nice because a lot of people told me that they were sleeping and my talk got them interested and made them awake! I guess that’s an alright compliment ha-ha. I either talk loudly or she really did enjoy it  :). I loved giving it and others said great work.

It’s really a great ward here and I’m super exited to keep working here and growing with the members. The experience of the week is that we saw an alcoholic fall straight on his face, which made me feel super bad and wanted to help, later, we were sitting outside talking with a less active family and this drunk guy passes buy and was totally locked out of his house... So he was trying to jump the fence with spikes and hit his stomach real hard and then just hung from the spikes in his jeans. It was real sad to watch him but I think he was safer hanging from the fence than falling on his face in the street. It was really hard to concentrate in the lesson cause for forty minutes we saw the best attempts to get himself unstuck... Poor guy tried to play it of normal when people passed by like an unable scarecrow just hanging there super chill... Life

I’m loving working with elder Robbins and we're lovin the progress in this area. I just wanted to leave with two quotes that I loved from this week

In High Priest meeting- "Thousands of insects just wake up every day dead"

And in a lesson with a young man- "The spirit is like a gigantic fan"

Ponder them... I’m just blown away by the deepness of these remarks ha-ha :) had to write them down.

Love ya Fam...

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