Sunday, November 25, 2012

Last Zone Leader Conference

Yeah so this week was still super crazy... It was a wonderful experience to go to Monterrey and to my last Zone Leader Council, It didn’t hit me ‘til the end but we were singing the last song, our mission’s song ¨faith in every footstep¨ and I kind of broke down. I couldn’t really sing very well but I don’t think that was the problem. The problem was that after I had to say the prayer. It was probably one of my favorite prayers ever offered. It was interesting to be with some other friends that will be coming home with me and with Mom’s testimony it almost sounds like it’s my last week! No really thanks for your testimony Mom. 

Our work has been going wonderfully here in our area, we will be baptizing next week and I think my last week here as well, it crazy to think that there are only three more Sundays left in the mission. It’s weird. My comp and I are getting along pretty well, I gave him a new look and were doing a lot of exercise. I know that our prayers are answered and many nights I find myself just grateful to talk to God in prayer, what would life be like without it...

 Have fun this week and know that I Love yall.

Elder Rhodes

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