Sunday, November 11, 2012


Remember Remember the fifth of November the gunpowder treason and plot,
I see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot   -Guy Fox

Just wanted to wish everyone a very merry fifth of November. My week was absolutely crazy, filled with some crazy adventures looking for some references with my companion, a really sweet baptism, and this week was changes.

The assistant told me "so what do you think of the changes... what’s going to happen?" I told him "Uh I bet were staying together..." He said nope and asked who I thought was leaving... Well I definitely thought my companion seeing as he’s been here two transfers and I only have one, and he said nope once again and told me that I was leaving once again. I’m headed to fill in for Elder Fowler in my Homeland Matamoros! I’m super stoked but just blown out of my mind! I couldn’t believe something would happen like that with only six weeks left... But yeah I’m going to have to pack up and I’m real excited to find out how my converts in my first area are. I’m super stoked. Actually, I received a surprise this week when Andres Isaguirre, one of my converts in Matamoros... called me and let me know that this Saturday he will be getting married and sealed, and I have the opportunity to go with. I just can’t believe just the great and exiting things that are going on in my Mission right now

Jennifer, the person that was baptized this week has a great testimony and is now helping her mom and dad get to know the church. We had a wonderful lesson with her mom last night and I believe that if she continues to be as sincere as she is, she’s going to be able to receive a strong testimony... Gall I’m just so excited. This week we carved pumpkins and I carved a star with a mustache, while my comp carved the classic... It was fun

Mom. Let me just tell you what really interests me. I think it would be awesome to learn about business. It would be awesome to get into something like real estate or business or law. I think I would be really good at it. I am fascinated by nature and think it would be awesome to study something on that route... I don’t really want to major in Spanish, but I would love to minor in it. If there is some type of nature degree or a way to study real estate I would absolutely love it. Or maybe even international studies and world something. I really like adventures so if that’s what they are looking for, well then. You know I’m down for studying what I would love. Mechanical engineering would be alright but not something I’m passionate for I think.

Thanks for finding the apartment it looks super perfect, I’m so excited as far as bedrooms go I really am down for just whatever. I think I would rather take the loft room if it’s at all possible :) Thanks for your work I love you as parents. And for finding out about all the schooling and stuff. I’m stoked to have the house with tanner and all them. I talked with Elder Fowler this morning and told him that you would take him out to dinner. I also gave him the garage code if it’s still the same and he might stop by and use the piano and ukulele. He’s feeling kind of nervous and real excited as well

Here’s the photos of the baptism, the pumpkins and the one from two weeks ago when I had nowhere to pee.

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