Sunday, November 18, 2012

Now Can You Show Me a Happier Man than This

So yeah it’s been one of the craziest weeks of my mission life. On the bus ride to Matamoros I had a bunch of time to think, and asked myself the question ¨Will I just run into people I know now?¨ Well ten minutes later after the best bus rides here in Matamoros I ran into the father of one of the kids I baptized in Buena Vista 2. He immediately recognized me and is struggling a bit so he said he was going to bring his family to my ward on Sunday. It was awesome to see him.

We had a wonderful few days here and there are a lot of people that speak English... It’s been pretty interesting and pretty fun. It’s interesting to hear all the comments about the... and after every missionary leaves the people that don’t remember their names call them by their appearance. So all week I have been hearing the ¨white tall cute guy¨ I guess that sums up Elder Fowler... I mean Bryan.

We traveled to Monterrey on Friday night and got up early to go to the temple, to my surprise there were another two of my converts that were going to the temple as well, it was awesome to see them progressing. I hear that almost all the people I had the opportunity to be in their baptism are active and progressing very well. I am super grateful for the members that have taken their time and dedicated it to these people. I included the picture of Andres and Lizeth, Jaqueline, and Maura. It was real awesome because Andres chose me to be his host for the first time that he went through the temple, so I was able to talk to the temple president in a little instruction meeting before the session. Everything went perfectly and it was easily in the top experiences if not the top experience in my Mission. It’s something else to see someone that you taught, make covenants necessary for exaltation that I haven’t even made yet. Really something else.

We also have been working as much as we can here in Matamoros and are looking forward to a few baptisms in the next week. It’s amazing how the lord puts into your hands opportunities to help other make their first covenants. A thirteen year old kid walked up to us and hasn’t been able to get baptized yet, after talking with him I asked him if he had any doubts or questions... He just responded ¨I just want to know who is going to baptize me. ¨ Not too shabby.

Those Pictures sure do make me miss the snow. Go make a snow angel for me or jump from the hot tub to the snow and back in! 

I’m exited for the next few months here in Matamoros, I’ve seen a lot of people that again express their love for me and for the work I did while I was just starting the mission, but the biggest comment that they give me is ¨you’ve perfected your Spanish!¨ They always tell me I don’t have an accent... I think that if it wasn’t for their ridicule of my gringo accent and making me so depressed that I couldn’t communicate at the first of my mission, that I wouldn’t have learned and tried so hard... So I guess in a way I’m grateful.

Love you all and do something crazy this week

Elder Rhodes

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