Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Still working hard in Brazil

We did have a couple days this week when everything was going just fine and because of this we now have a teaching group again and also have some great projects we are getting going with the members. When I came into the area we started a missionary minute in every sacrament meeting where one member every week would get a book of Mormon and give it to a non-member during the week and share the next week their experience passing a book to the next member. It was going well but we didn’t get the results we wanted. So we developed the idea a little more. We made a check list for the members of the next steps they need to do including passing the reference to the missionaries. We made up the paper last night and it turned out really cool. We also are working on a fireside with the mission pres and an open house. I hope it all works out and things keep progressing.
        If you remember Carol, the last person we baptized, she is doing well. Her cousin, Leticia, still has not been baptized because of her mom but is super firm. She is really prepared and really wants to take this step in her life so its sad to see her mother put a stop it all of this. It’s weird sometimes to see parents keep their families from the gospel. I’m glad I was blessed with parents that helped me stay on the right path and all that because I’m for sure not as strong as some of these investigators we teach. We are working on some plans to help her mom and Carol and Leticia are helping us teach all their friends. It’s been a really cool experience to see the fire burning in new members and also see them re-light the flame in some members.
         We also have a super cool family of five. The mom and dad and three kids who are all about 20, 25 years old. One of the boys is blind but really cool and plays the guitar very well. After contacting them on the street one day they went to church and this week we will start teaching them. Another family is also starting right now and I think we will have a chance to help the parents get married. The last person I wanted to tell you about is Jessica who was contacted by a sister and who we started teaching this last weekend. She is progressing well and liked the church this last Sunday. For now this is about it but I have a lot of hope for this teaching group and a couple other people that are starting out right now. We also will be finally getting the papers in for Osmar’s wedding this weak, it took a really long time but will finally get going.

      I also noticed that my study time got really weak this last week and I’m going to focus on this more this next week and try to make it a real habit for the rest of my life. I have seen the difference it makes in my day and want to make it permanent. 

Life is good --- rock on --- Elder Schmidt