Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Area Casa Blanca

Well it was a bit of a crazy week, we did work as normal, and Tuesday night I got an unexpected call around 11:30 that I was to leave Juchitan and head for the city at 11:05 the next morning, to the area called Casa Blanca (White House). And so, I immediately started packing and also was able to write some letters to the recent converts and some of the members. I was sad to leave them, but excited to see what was ahead of me in Oaxaca. After a 6 hour bus ride, I arrived to be greeted by some old mission friends. My companion (Elder Gonzalez) got there about 30 minutes later and we headed to our area. We traveled on a road that reminded me of Wasatch Drive and the view was awesome. We passed by the Guelagetza, that is where they have big cultural activities and concerts and such here. It is like a giant white tent on the side of the hill above the city. Really cool. I got to know the area a bit, and my second day here we did divisions with some other elders in the district. It was a good time and in a short lapse of time I have been able to see a large part of the city. Funny story for the week... We were in conference on Saturday and all the Americans were together listening to it in English (in a tiny room haha). After the conference we were all standing around talking and a brother (I feel weird saying brother in English) asked us to put away the TV. Immediately the thought ran through my mind "someone else will do it", because we were about 8 elders that heard him. So, we left, and came back at 7 for the priesthood session. The English room was no longer open, and I was informed that we were going to have it anymore because the brother who asked us to put the TV away was rightfully bothered that we didn't help him to put it away. I went with some other elders and asked forgiveness, and he willingly got it out for us, after calmly telling us that we shouldn't do it again. Well, Brother Pedro turns out to be in my ward, and it turned out that on Sunday we were going to eat with him. I was a little nervous, but we were able to laugh about it and it will be an interesting memory of how I met Brother Pedro. Love, Elder Millet

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