Saturday, November 17, 2012

Go and do, because you know!

You know that you have had a great week when you have been in the same building as an Apostle of the Lord. This weekend was truly a special one. We traveled on Friday and stayed in a hotel Friday night to be well rested for our conference with Elder Bednar in Asuncion. The hotel experience was awesome, it was the best shower I have had in a very very long time, along with the rest in the hotel room. I wanted to share with you some of the highlights from the conference.
He started off telling us that the meeting would be different, that it would be purely guided by the Holy Ghost. He shared what in his opinion were a few "false traditions" we have in the church. One was that of taking notes. He said that we waste a lot of time writing and lose time feeling the Spirit, and that we usually never read them again or if we do, over time we lose them. However, Spiritual promptings are rarely forgotten and are more powerful. He also talked a lot about not being prideful as missionaries. He pretty much said, "you are all about 19, barely speak the language, honestly cannot teach that well, and you think that because of YOUR talents you are going to be able to convert people. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? GIVE ME A BREAK!" It just hit us all like a ton of bricks. He said, "help them learn from the Spirit, and not from you." I really liked that quote, sometimes i would get worried about ME too much, instead of just trying to be the instrument of the Spirit. We changed our mode of teaching to be more spiritual and are seeing great results.
Another quote I liked was that he said "Go and do, because you know" talking about spiritual promptings. He said not to worry so much, just be obedient, be a good boy, and to follow what the Spirit indicates, like Nephi. He also talked a lot about discerning, and that we are to observe, listen and discern, that is "the Lords pattern". "The Pride Pattern" is to talk, talk, talk and talk. So we are seeing a big difference in our teachings by just listening and trying to really ask inspired questions that are sparked by the Holy Ghost, and not talking and presenting information. I learned so much this weekend, it was incredible to feel the power that comes from an Apostle. I know that Elder Bednar is a prophet seer and revelator and that this church is really guided by authority of God.
We were able to bring a few investigators to church this weekend. The work is growing quickly here, I feel very humbled by all the blessings being poured upon this area. We are just trying to be "good boys" and be the worthy conduits of the Spirit, so that all those that are ready to find the truth can find it! I love this mission, and am sad it is coming to an end. I am just giving my all these last few weeks so that I can go home and know that I gave it my all.
Love you all! Pray for us here. Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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