Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Mysterious Hospital Trip

Hello to all!
After I wrote my letter last week, I was able to go around for a little while, and I got to visit some of their investigators, as well as 2 very special families there. They were so excited to see me, as was I excited to see them. I shared about the temple with them, and they put a goal to enter into the temple, which will be practically my last day in the mission and will be the trip all the finishing elders do in the temple. It was a really special night. Then, we got a call from the Assistants that said that Elder Colligan would be getting special changed...It hit us pretty hard. I could not believe it. We then had to leave so that Elder Colligan could say goodbye to everyone. It was a sad day, we both were not too excited about the change, but that's how the mission is. We realized that even though we weren't given much time to be together, the time we had was full of great memories, moments, and success. It was a pleasure being his companion. Coincidentally, he got transferred to my last area. He is excited about that, because the members there give the greatest lunch appointments ever!
So I got a new companion!  He has been out for about 1 year 5 months, and is just recently becoming a Zone Leader, so he is technically my second Zone Leader child, since I am training him. He is a really good funny guy, pretty tall and skinny, into video games, rifle shooting, and supposedly gets a lot of packages from home, which is a big bonus haha. It is looking like he will be my last companion...weird! We have been working really hard, he has a good focus on achieving goals, and I really like that.
Funny story from this week would definitely have to come from Thursday morning. Ever since I got here, I have had terrible allergies just about every other day. I was supposed to go to the hospital last week to get it checked out, but for lack of time, we were not able to go. Thursday came along, and I was sneezing so badly that I could not live another day without figuring out what was wrong with me. I was pretty scared to go in, because this is a tiny poor town with not much medical experience. I even called the Mission Presidents wife before going, and she said it would be alright. So I walk in, they take me to a room, and I start to explain what was going on. Then the lady tells the man nurse guy something, and all of a sudden I see him preparing a needle, ready to give a shot... I was like, "hold on a minute, I don't want a shot". She said that it would be alright, and that it would stop the sneezing. My companion then started to seem nervous about it too, so we called the Mission Presidents wife again to ask if it would be alright, and she said it would. So, I said a silent prayer, and went to sit down on the patient chair to get my first shot in Paraguay. The nurse man comes over to me and tells me to lay down, which initially seemed weird..why would I need to lay down to get a shot in my arm? I lay down and then he tells me to turn over, and says, "nalgas". That's about when I got nervous again...Nalgas? That is, butt-cheeks? Am I about to get a shot in my behind? Long story short, I got a shot in my rear end, and even though I was super nervous, it all turned out alright. I was instantly cured. However, I hope to never again enter into a hospital here.
Our branch went to the temple last week, and they all loved it of course.

The work is rolling along slowly but surely. After the baptism, things have been a little tough, we have TONS of possible people to be baptized, but they all have some sort of doubt or impediment that has prevented them from progressing. We are hopeful and are working hard to see some miracles. Love you all, keep us in your prayers.
Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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