Sunday, November 18, 2012

Grateful for referrals!

Hello, This week was really good. Recently we received a capacitation from Elder Alonso of the area presidency here, and he suggested to us to ask referrals from everyone that we talk with. This week we put it in practice. We have an investigator that is an elderly woman, around 70 years old. We met her because she was putting up a bamboo fence (Bamboo that she had cut and brought from the hills... the old people here are incredible) and we offered to help. We ran into her the other day and asked her if she knew of anyone that she would like for us to visit. She told us to visit her grand daughter, gave us her address, and went on her way. Now, you all must understand that a lot of people here tell us to visit friends, family, neighbors, but very few ever receive us. And so, we didn't think much of the referral. but, one day we decided to pass by and look for the house. We found it... Street Mixtecas Colony Monte Alban #215. But no one was home. We knocked on the neighbors door to ask if they knew the person who lived there, to know if it was the right house. It turns out that the person we were looking for answered the door. She said she was the one we were looking for, and more people started to show up at the door. They were reluctant at first to accept us, but finally let us in. It is a family of 18 people and 13 were present that day. They left what they were doing and listened to us with a lot of attention. We taught part of the Plan of Salvation and they liked it a lot, and invited us to come back another day. There are at least 8 people there who are above 8, and 5 kids. It was so great to see such a united family, and that they could accept us. It was something that usually doesn't happen, and we were really happy for getting to know such an awesome family. Our bishop was released this week, and a new one was called. We are excited to work alongside him. We really had a good bishop,butI'm sure that the new one (Bishop Celis) will be great. We are planning to do an activity this Friday, I will take photos and tell you how it goes next week.I love you all. I love this gospel and testify that it is true. It is a sure path. Although hard to follow at times, the highs always outweigh the lows. Tell everyone I say hi. I love you all! Hasta luego, Elder Millet

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