Friday, August 2, 2013

Best Week Ever

Well this week was all going wrong until we had our miracle. It was my strongest experience I have ever had with fasting and prayer. We had a hard time with getting permission from Leticia's mom for her baptism and week after week she was getting sadder and sadder. We would go to teach her and she would start crying asking what she is doing wrong or what will happen if she never could be baptized. She really was doing everything she could,so it was sad. She would give us references and we would invite them to be baptized and you could see the desire in her eyes as they filled with tears. I felt one day that we need to make a goal for the 21st. I had no idea how it would happen but we told her that would be her baptism day and started to fast and pray. She started to invite people and this last week before the 21st everything imaginable went wrong. Her mom didn't let her go to church and didn't ever want to see us again. Her grandma started a fight with a member. It was super crazy and Saturday (the day before) we still didn't have any progress or permission. We didn't know what to do so we told her to keep praying and the next day would be her baptism. That night the member that had problems with the grandma called Leticia and went with her to her house, got in, talked to her family and yesterday, the 21st, she was baptized. It was a really cool experience. Her faith was for sure tested but she went forward with confidence in the Lord and everything turned out. It's amazing to say something and have the Lord do it. This really helped me understand the magnitude of my calling and the importance of relying on the Lord.
I'm in the end but I'm still learning a lot and I'm sure I will be learning for as long as I'm in the mission and for as long as I'm striving to do my best after the mission as well. This week I didn't hear too much from the fam so I didn't have many questions to answer but I would love to hear from y'all and you can all feel free to tell me how much you miss me and how excited you are to see me.    
                            Rock on -Schmidt