Friday, March 29, 2013

A Great Week in Brazil

As for this week:
        This week was awesome! We had one baptism, 11 new people with us at church and found one more great person after church that got her answer in the lesson and will go to church the next Sunday and wants to be baptised. We also had a pizza night on Saturday and it went really well. The biggest thing I'm learning is how to really put my trust in God,make goals with Him and do my part trusting that it will happen -whether I know how it will happen or not.
   I think I told you guys about Anderele, the girl we are reactivating. Well the rest of her family lives on the same street and she helped us get to know them and their friends. So because of this we have a couple we are working to marry and their kids that are pumped to baptise and a couple 16-18 year olds that are going really well. The lessons are going amazingly well and best of all is that the parents are just as into it as the kids... that can be the hardest part in brasil... or I guessing in any mission.
  Tereza, the old Lady that went to church last week was baptised this Sunday and her husband went with her and really liked it. The only problem was that the 40 year old son that lives with them was drunk when we picked her up and told her and us that she can't get baptised. I thought, well ok its not going to work for today but when I asked her she said thats why she was going and thats what she is going to do, so we just did it. I will have to see what happened with the son tomorrow.
     After church we went to a members house to contact a reference with him. She was not home so we started talking a little and right as we were thinking of going home the girl got home. Her name is Luisa and she is 15 years old. Her family is a little messed up but she is super focused and down to earth. We went ahead and invited her to have her lesson with us in the neighbors/members house. She loved all of it and said in the closing prayer that she thinks she found what she has been looking for. She got super exited to go to church and be baptised and basically about everything. Our next lesson is tomorrow and I'm expecting another awesome lesson. 

 That's basically it and because of all this our ward is way more exited and down to help us. So ya its going well. If you trust in the lord and go forward with faith those things just work. Only problem is I could get transferred now.