Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Meeting Americans

Hello to all!
Last Monday night we received the transfers, and Elder Colligan and I keep the streak alive and are staying together for our 2nd to last transfer! Wahoo! We are so excited. We have so many great ideas for the zone, and are really excited to continue in the hard work.
I wrote the other week about a golden investigator that we have. He has progressed so much! He continues to read, understands everything, has received a spiritual witness that the Book of Mormon is true, and is pretty much all set for this Saturday, the 8th, for baptism! We feel so humbled by the blessing it is to have found him and taught him. His daughter is 8 and should be getting baptized as well.  We will be giving it our all so that she can get baptized as well with him. The members are working well with him and his family, and has already been inviting all his extended family to come and see his baptism. It is going to be great.
Funny story of the week was when we were contacting around in a new neighborhood that we usually don't work in, and a teenage kid said that an American couple was living around the corner. Of course we were excited/nervous to hear that, and we went to the house and saw a couple sitting down drinking terere with a bunch of little kids playing soccer around them. The man came to us and presented himself by saying "Hey guys, hows it going?". It was the first time I had met anyone from the US in my entire mission. It was even the first time I have heard English without a weird accent. It was interesting. Turns out, they are from the Peace Corp, and because of that, are not allowed to receive us, but they seemed interested. The wife had grown up with many Mormon friends, and even had the Book of Mormon with her in English. We invited them to read it and pray about it, I hope they do so. I realized how difficult it was to express myself professionally in English! But it was a great experience, I gained a new respect for missionaries in the US, it hurts a lot more to the ears when they tell you they are not interested in your native language.
Elder Colligan and I had our Zone Leader Council meeting this morning, and we learned a lot on how to more effectively lead our zones by example, so that we can reach some of the mission goals we have. The meeting was followed by what Elder Colligan and I call a "Partidazo", or in other words, "huge soccer game". It was so hot, but great, I am low on hydration, have a huge headache, and actually need to get going so that we can catch our bus that is leaving soon.
Love you all so much! Pray for us here.
Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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