Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving in Brazil

Hey family
   I almost forgot it was thanksgiving this week but remembered in time to try to eat as much as i could and send you this picture. i hope all of you had the best thanksgiving possible and don't miss me to much. 
   My good news for the week is that we were working really hard this last month and not getting anything but the last two Sundays we had awesome people just walk into Church. last Sunday was that couple and there kid and this week was a 24 year old girl. they both are looking for a church and already have been to others they didn't like. the lord really does bless us for good work. also the little things we tell people about church really make a difference. the couple and this girl both heard about the church from someone and decided to give it a try.
      I'm super happy about that box you mentioned! Elder Cleveland got two huge boxes this last week but there is for sure not as much love in the boxes so i feel bad for him.
     How is the snow situation back home? how is everyone doing? here in brasil we are just doin the work. things are getting better and I'm still with some great kids and one or two really difficult ones haha but its all good. I'm now getting a little scared for the next transfers on the 11th of December.

  Well i love you guys and all that jazz. rock on ---

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