Sunday, April 29, 2012

Turku and longer hair than mine

Turku is a really great city. It is fun to be back to a fast city with a lot going on. It has a really good vibe here and it will be a cool spring and summer city. We use buses here and have been pretty busy this week. My companion is an awesome guy.  His name is Vanhin Hoggard. He is from Utah. He has been in Finland for about 6 months. He has traveled a lot and knows a lot about historical stuff. He is the first companion who actually had longer hair than I did. To describe it, he played Hook in a high school play and didn’t need a wig. He is extremely positive and uses really great describing words like extraordinary and scrumptious and splendid. He also has a good sense of humor and is really great at telling stories. He also has traveled a lot and wants to become a doctor and work in Africa. He is a great guy and we have really gotten a long well. 

We have been busy this week and I have just sort of followed because I still don’t know the bus system or anything. We don’t have any investigators with a baptismal date, but we have a few who believe in the Book of Mormon but just have a few minor issues that need some solving. I have only met a few members from the ward but they have all been really nice and excited about missionary work.

District Meeting was this week and it was here in Turku. The district is great and we have a lot of cool missionaries. We played sähly in the morning, which is like hockey with shoes on, and that’s always fun. Then District Meeting. And then after we made potatoes. It was, um, fun.

We also headed out to Tampere and had Stake Conference. It was fun to see a lot of the missionaries who I had not seen in a long time.

Love you all, be safe and have a good week.

Vanhin Merkley

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