Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Goodness

I can’t say anything more than I am just loving missionary work. There is a lot to say and not too much time like it always goes... but I’ll tell you a little about my companion. His name is Bryan Fowler from the South Cottonwood stake. And lives right behind Cottonwood high school. He is really awesome and I just have to say that the missionary manual says that we need to be in our beds by 10:30. We are perfectly obedient, but getting to sleep is a little hard talking so much. He is really awesome and we connect like crazy. I made the joke that "President Walker must have looked on Monster to match our compatibility." He loves skiing, he got like 38 days the year I got 88 at snowbird and he road bikes as well. He loves rock climbing and he worked at the Mayan as a diver and I just can’t say enough good about him. I feel like he helps me to be better and I am also helping him to understand more about the gospel and trying to strengthen ourselves together. He went to BYU for like a year and has only one transfer more than I do. I’m crazy excited and happy.

I didn’t have the opportunity to say bye to Hna. Juana because she was in Mexico, but I’m going to see her before I leave here and she told me she was going to look me down. She also gives the “get used to the world classes” to the missionaries and I know I’m going to see her again. Anyway something really spiritual happened last week. Monday were the transfers, and in the night the complete family that we were teaching called us to just say hi. They were still in Puebla, but they loved the church so much that they went to church in Puebla, and took their whole family and now the missionaries are visiting their whole family. They thanked me for everything I had taught them and told me I would always be in their hearts. They will be baptized this Sunday with the elders that went to our area. I feel blessed to have been part of them, and who knows maybe their families conversion.

Anyway were working really hard to have people that will be able to progress in this area and I’m loving being able to help other missionaries grow in spirit and in strength. I feel the spirit so strongly when we are teaching. I really am loving the mission and can’t say enough about how happy and excited I am, to be a missionary and cause tomorrow morning we are going to listen to Elder Bednar. I can’t think of something better to be doing here. I love it. I’m just happy.

Elder Rhodes

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