Friday, April 13, 2012

Baptism Day

Hello Family,

Greetings from.... La Hacienda! We got changes yesterday and it turns out I will stay here this change. However, my companion Elder Stradling already left for gelagetza today at 12. So right now I am with the other companionship that lives in the house waiting until my companion Elder Caudillo arrives around 10 PM. I know nothing about him yet, but I am really excited to meet him. Judging by his name though he is either from Mexico or some other spanish speaking country down here.
The week was pretty normal. Although, we did kind of have one baptism. It was Rafael, I think I told you about him. We started teaching him, but he lives outside the area and so we passed him to other missionaries, and he got baptized in their ward but is now living in our ward because his family kicked him out. He is really awesome and I know will be strong in the gospel. We were able to go to his baptism and I was able to take part in his confirmation. And he gave me a sweet tie haha. We continue working with Alfredo. He is progressing slowly, but progressing. He wants his family to take part in the lessons too and so hopefully they will accept listening to us and have as much excitement as he has. The good thing about people here in Mexico is that almost all will listen. The hard part is finding people who will act.

We are also working with a less active woman named Fatima. She was baptized a few years ago but has not bee nable to go because of her job. But she recently started going more and has invited us over to paint her house, have dinner, and we recently had a family home evening. She is really awesome and her son and mom are not members, and so we are working a little with them. But really our main focus will be Alfredo and his family. And it will also depend on how my new companion likes to work. All missionaries have a little different way of working. I am really excited for him to get here though and start the change. There is lots of work to be done here, and we will also be focusing this change on strengthening and uniting the members.

Last night we were at a members house (the members house where Rafael is living right now) and it started pouring rain. And so, trapped in the house, they invited us to dinner, and we had some chicken tortas (tortas are basically like sandwches but a little better) with hot chocolate haha. THeir hot chocolate here is really good, in fact I will try to send you some. Im thinking about getting a package together this change to send home. Any requests?
I love you guys. Your prayers and support sustain me often. I know that Christ lives and has completed all that His Father wanted Him to complete. Im so grateful to have this church restored in our days. I learn so much from it and will be forever grateful for all who have sacrificed so that I could have it in my life. Every sunday (every day, but especially Sunday) I learn so much. I feel so much the desire to be better. I know that by little decisions and little changes for the better, our lives can be blessed eternally. I love you all. Thank you!!! Let me know if there is anything you need from me.

Love, Elder Millet

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