Friday, April 13, 2012

Remembering a Year Ago....

Another flying week in the Land of Miracles. I have passed a year by, and can't believe it.

We have been working with lots of new people who seem to be interested this week. We did some street contacting and have found some really cool people. We helped a girl fill up her water tub for washing clothes with water out of a giant well, and contacted her. She is really awesome and her sister also lives with her. We taught them about the Restauration of the Gospel and they understood really well. We left them 3 Nephi 11 to read and went back a few days later. We asked them if they read and they said yes and continued to explain it in really deep detail. I think they understood it better than I have understood haha. It was really a great feeling to have someone with the desire to learn and actually completing with their commitments. The only bummer is that they are out of town for 3 weeks in vacations...

Also we have another investigator, Alfredo (the one I told you about with the really great mustache) who is progressing. He went to the priesthood session of conference with us and both on Sunday. He is really awesome and we hope that his whole family will feel the same desire to learn as he feels.

Haha yeah I remember the festival of colors. Within a year I will be covered in chalk once again...

Our chapel that we attend to is the stakecenter of the Mitla stake and so we were able to watch all sessions of conference in our own chapel. And the 3 sessions on Saturday we were able to watch in english. It was really really awesome. There were some great talks and a great spirit was felt. Now we must go back over our notes, re watch it, and study the Liahona when it comes out, all the while having a spirit of prayer to be enlightened. We should all put goals according to what we feel, and like was said in conference, Act Now.

I felt very grateful during conference for everything that I have been given, but more than anything, for friends and family that love and support me. I feel your love. I hope you all know how much I look up to you and love you. Thanks for everything you do.


Elder Millet

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