Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A 19 year old moment


Things are cool here. And by cool, I literally mean cool and not cold. The weather has been pretty dang sweet here and I am close to shedding the big winter coat. That will officially mean, no more cold. This week my bike tire popped and it just so happened to be that tomorrow was Sunday and so we couldn’t get in fixed. So, we did the only reasonable thing and threw our shame in the trash and doubled up on one bike. It’s a bit tricky with all the ice and people to dodge, but it is faster than walking and we are hoping that the tire situation will be resolved by today. There are so many funny circumstances out on a mission.

We also had a sweet district meeting this week. Do you all remember the army guy from the mtc? He is an Army Ranger and 10x cooler than all the other missionaries? Well, he is my district leader. We had a sweet discussion about not being robots and getting into routines. He said that when he was in Iraq they were in a zone where there was a lot of fighting, but it had moved and they were then on the "rebuilding" stage. But a lot of the hardened soldiers still had "fight mode" in their heads. They citizens were all really scared of them. So a leader came around and told them to stop being robots and start being personable with the people. He said once they did that, the whole mood changed. The people saw them as protection and were actually helping the soldiers by telling them about where some of the remaining terrorists where and when a bomb was planned to go off and stuff like that. Just the small change of becoming more personable and not robotic. I was just sitting there like "Wow... your are so much cooler than I. While I was a snot nosed kid in high school you were in Iraq learning life lessons and doing hardcore stuff." He is a really good guy and I’m glad to have him as a district leader.

After, we had a thing called District Olympics where we did random stuff like hands up stands up and arm wrestling. I actually got first, which I was surprised at because I usually suck at that kind of stuff. I got a Finnish shirt and a sweet coin. Pretty great District Meeting if you ask me.

We had a "young and dumb 19 year old" moment this week. We were going to church and we notice an odd amount of cars in the parking lot. We were still early and usually there are only a few cars at that time. Hm, weird. We go inside and the whole coat rack is full of coats. How strange. The whole ward was already seated and in the chapel. That’s odd. I peek in the door and see the 1st counselor smiling, almost laughing at us. We go and sit down and a few of the members turn around and give us the same smile. At this point I was scratching my head trying to figure out what the heck was going on. We start singing the song and I notice that we aren’t singing the first song posted on the board, but the last. And then it all came flooding back to me.... Oh ya, when spring comes, we are supposed to change the clocks. Usually I just rely on my parents to tell me when to change them, but with no parents around, it’s my responsibility to remember.... Aw crap!! We forgot to change the clocks and ended up missing sacrament. After the meeting all the member came up to us chuckling and made some sort of comment about us sleeping in. That’s the missionaries for ya, we may not always be responsible, but at least we are good for a laugh. Just another good lesson learned on my mission.

Love you guys. Have a good week.

Vanhin Merkley

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