Monday, April 9, 2012

Time to Face the Change

My district leader scared me a lot last night ha-ha. He called us with our changes and started with my companion and said... Elder Munoz va a Reynosa... And I was thinking not again... I’m staying here another three months. But instead I asked hesitating "And Me?" Tambien se va (your also going) ha-ha I’m exited for a number of reasons. 1 in ten days elder Bednar is coming and were going to be able to have an awesome experience. 2 I love changes, something that refines you. You can filter and treat the water in the hot tub for as long as you want, but there is nothing like taking all the water out and changing it. And 3 I’m really excited to be able to learn more cause I’m going to be junior companion... as a zone leader. I’m looking forward to learn as much as I can from my new companion Elder Frowler... I’m excited to work hard and learn lots. I’m going to the area Libertad, and am excited for a fresh start. My companion and I were talking and we’ve both seen improvements in ourselves and were going to keep improving, I’m glad to have had Elder Muñoz with me, he has been a great light. He explained to me that getting here in Mexico really downed him, that in Idaho he learned and had some interesting experiences, but with our time we have had together he has gotten back his excitement to teach and preach and do as missionaries do du dum da dum da. It’s a primary song if you didn’t catch onto it :) That was really a nice thing to hear. I hope I will be able to be an instrument in helping other missionaries and my new companion in bringing others unto Christ and having the excitement to serve. Thanks for your suggestions and help. This week we had some crazy rejections and opposition for the work. I’m really hoping that mercy of the lord will help each one of them in this or the following life to understand the truth. I’m going to stop by Hna Juana’s house tonight to tell her bye... I’m gonna miss the ward... Pray for my new experiences and growth opportunities.
Elder Rhodes

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