Friday, April 13, 2012

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Oaxaca

Hola Familia,

Buenas tardes de Oaxaca. Thank you for your email and that is a great picture of Shteve and Emerson. This week was good. We are now passing through what they call here Semana Santa (Holy week). There are all kinds of traditions and events going on. One of the most common is that people put giant tents out in the street and have a little altar to Jesus. They gather there and chat and I imagine that the more devoted ones pray and go to learn. There must be all kinds of things going out in the Isthmo, but here in the city it is a little more low key. Its very interesting being a missionary here, because 99.9% of the people already believe in Christ and God. Although their perceptions of them may be unknown or uncomplete, they do have at least some faith. It is hard for me to recall, because I really never paid too much attention (belief wise) outside of memebers in the states... but are there many who are believers in utah outside of members? Yesterday we just had a normal day. In church every class was based around the Atonement which was really cool. Then we had a really good lunch and visited a few people.

The week was good, a bit slow because of Semana Santa. Almost everyone is off of work and schools are all out until the 16th, and so a large portion is out on vacations and those who arent are at home having their fiestas. Needless to say it has been a bit hard to find people, but this week will be better. We had some of the young men of the ward go with us this week and it was really great to see their willingness. I remember I almost never saw the missionaries at home. Its great to be able to have that support here.
Today we went to the Centro to buy some ties and a guitar for one of the other missionaries. They have really nice ties here for about 3 bucks, and I bought 2. I also bought a capo for my little guitar and some guitar picks. While we were down there we saw this pretty tall white girl and she was standing next to a Oaxacan woman. I wanted to get a picture so bad to show the contrast haha it was really funny. The white girl was towering over the Oaxacan. There are lots of good things going on here and I am enjoying my time. My companion is Elder Caudillo and he is from Chetumal Chitanarro (not exactly sure on spelling) It is the state where Cuncan is. He lives about 3 hours away from it. Right now I am district leader and we are a district of 6. Its great I really like it. The members are awesome. They help us in what they can and always support us. We plan on having an activity of a war between the lamanites and nephites this Saturday so that should be fun and help us to be more united as a ward (and hopefully investigators)
This week I have been thinking a little bit about conference and the things that were said there. I am anxious to be able to act on those things and hope that chaui chaui (little by little in zapoteco- a dialect here) I can make those changes that I know I need to make. I have realized that change is hard but I love the opportunity and process of it. I love this church. I know that God lives and that Jesus Christ is our Savior. Prayer is real. I know that the Plan of Salvation is for every single one of us and that we are in such a crucial part of that Plan. How lucky we are to have what we have, and to really know the purpose of this life and especially the importance of families. I love you family, thank you for your example of faithfulness, love, and support. Hasta la otra semana.

Elder Millet

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