Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vappu and Mr. T

We had splits and had some Missionaries sleep over. Then the next day was District Meeting, so we had another pair sleep over as well. And of course we played floor hockey in the morning and it was fun as ever. The District Meeting went well. Afterwards we went to the Turku castle and ate lunch and went to the museum. I only bought a small sandwich because most of the food was straight meat. I would say I consider myself a vegetarian these days. I haven’t eaten meat (unless it is offered in a dinner appointment) in a couple months now. I just feel better so I'll probably stay like this forever. That was a strange tangent but Ill get back to telling about the castle. The museum was really fun and we had a really funny group of missionaries, which always helps during the dry parts of a museum. I will sent pictures.

This week was also Vappu. So there were tons of people in the center, all of which were getting super drunk But they also wear funny hats and jumpsuits so there is a plus side. We (the innocent missionaries that we are) needed to buy cheese and so we headed to the store with all the thousands of people in the streets. We had to be in early that day so we were trying to hurry back to our apartment, but it was hard trying to squeeze past the crowd. It seemed like we were getting even more stares than usual and at one point, some drunk guy was yelling "Drink! Drink!" haha afterwards my companion said "I would think satan would try and be more subtle...." It was a funny situation and opened my eyes to why our Mission President wanted us in early on Vappu. Drunk people are just not the most open to what the missionaries have to say.

We started teaching this really cool African lady this week. She has the cutest little black baby, and she cut his hair to look like Mr. T. During the lesson, he was crawling and chewing on everything. I gave him my planner, which was a sort of bad idea because he chewed off some of the cover.... but not a big deal. Who could get mad at that cute little Mr. T face?

The weather is great. And I am really liking the city. I’m still having a beast of a time with the language though. It just never seems to click with me, but overall, not a big deal. Things are going well here.

Love you all.  Keep holding down the fort, wherever that fort may be.
Vanhin Merkley

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