Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer has officially started

It seems like the summer has officially started. I’m really loving Turku and the comp is a baller. There is a big river right through the city (haha for some reason its brown... but still nice) and we live really really close to this big Tuomio Kirkko (which means judgment church—see photo)

We had some really interesting teaches this week. One guy, who had been in the hospital said that he had read the whole Book of Mormon and believes its true. We didn’t think he had read any of it but turns out he’s loving it. And then we had a crazy dinner appointment where we were right in the middle of a family issue that we probably shouldn’t have been there for.... haha but after a few hours we were able to break free which was good because we definitely weren’t helping the situation. On the bus ride back, Hoggard and I were laughing at the interesting life of a missionary and how we get all these little random peeks into peoples lives... some of which, are not meant to be peeked at.

We went to an orchestra concert. There is a less active we have been meeting with and he is second chair in the orchestra. He plays the big slanty violin but the one that is smaller than the cello.... It’s probably very apparent that I am a huge idiot when it comes to the orchestra but I still managed to have a really good time. Our friend did a great job and it was cool to see all the instruments work together. I also thought it was pretty funny to see the little conductor get really into it and start jumping around and shaking his fists. It got me thinking of how situation is everything... as a conductor, its completely acceptable. But, if he had been out on the street, he would be ”that crazy guy who jumps around and shakes his fists” haha good times.

We also started talking to a guy who said the world will end on the 20th of this month. He said it’s because of sun flares and how they are related to apocalyptic angels. So, it will be interesting to see how that turns out. He also believes that before Eve was a lady named Lily, and that perfect man didn’t have feet.... so I wouldn’t be too worried about the 20th.

That’s about all. I love you, and have a great week.
Vanhin Merkley

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