Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Talent Show in Oaxaca

The mission is great. This week we did divisions with 3 other companionships and so my companion Elder Tovar and I were only together for 3 days. It was strange, but it was a good experience learning from the other missionaries. I met a few people that only speak zapoteco (the most common dialect here in Oaxaca) so that was pretty cool/hard. They understood a tiny bit of spanish but the majority no. We also had a stake talent show on Friday. At the last minute they asked us missionaries to put something together and so we did a little skit it was really fun. Also I gave a talk yesterday about the gathering of Isreal. It was interesting to learn about and it went well. We have an investigator(Yair) who has a date for his baptism this Sunday, and so we will see what happens. We hope that he works hard this week to be able to meet that goal. He is a young man he is 14 years old. We have a few other investigators that are progressing and are excited to work with them and find new people to talk to this week. Oh and today I bought some SWEET new sandals. They call them tecos becuase they call people from Juchitan tecos and a lot of them wear these sandals. The only downside is I can pretty much only wear them in the house... we walked through a huge market, it was really cool. I love you all. Thank you for everything you do. This week I felt very grateful for the covenants that we are able to make in the church. They are something that we can focus on and they motivate us to be better. I felt blessed to live in a dispensation where these covenants are available and that we have a prophet who guides us. Hasta luego, Elder Millet

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