Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Purpose

Hello to all!
Wow, how short on time I am! Today was a special day. As Zone Leaders, we did a big "Concilio" where we all got together with the Assistants and President Madariaga. We were able to learn about great leadership, focusing on how we must be like Captain Moroni. President told us to not stress so much about all the assignments we always receive, just to do our best and show our best effort, and then we can know that the Lord is pleased. I got to see Elder Colligan, always a blast. We played a huge soccer game with all the Zone Leaders...and of course it was awesome. I got to score some goals, it was great.
We also had Zone Conference this week. The big focus was on contacting and purely talking to everyone. I have had numerous great experiences of talking to new people and have been finding many new people by just opening my mouth and talking to them! President also talked about always having the vision of our purpose in everything we do (inviting all to receive the restored gospel), not just memorizing it, or repeating it out loud, but to really live it, feel it, strive to daily accomplish it. Not to focus on talking to someone just so you can check that off on your daily goals and move on, but to treat every contact, every lesson, every single thing on our purpose. Elder Christofferson said that our purpose is not just to warn people, but to save them. I really like that. I am trying to focus more on the Doctrine of Christ in my teaching, and to use the most powerful element I have to do that, which is the Book of Mormon.
It was late at night and we were trying to find another lesson to teach. We were walking by the house of a lady who was sweeping, so we presented ourselves, and started talking. She quickly said, "Sorry, I am not the owner of the house, so I am not very interested". Well, we kept talking and then she goes and grabs a few chairs and we sat down outside of her house, along with her daughter and nephew. We found out that she was born in Paraguay, but recently moved here with her family. She did not have a strong christian background like everyone else here, but really wanted to change her life. We testified boldly on the power of the Atonement, and of repentance. We went back to visit her and she had read in the Book of Mormon, and told us that when we went by the other day, she had lied about being the owner, that she really lives there. She said that when we got there, she had felt something different, and that what we were sharing was important. She seems interested, has some doubts on the Plan of Salvation, but it made me feel great to see the Spirit starting to work with us, even in a simple contact with someone. I hope it all continues to work out. Speaking of her, we have an appointment tonight!
We have found a few hopeful miracle baptisms for May, we are working hard so that we can reach our goal!
Love you all, the Gospel has been restored. Apply its teachings. Have faith in Jesus Christ, repent, be baptized, receive the precious Gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end! What a simple, but profound doctrine. I love it.
Pray for us, we need it desperately.
Elder Babcock

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