Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another week and a new outlook from Brazil.

Eu esto muito bem e tivi uma semana muito bom.
      I have been on my mission for 203 days and learned a lot but I think every day I had at least one complaint if not a hundred everyday. I started out happy and just ready to jump into it but as time went on things were not what I expected and I thought I knew better. I thought for some reason that complaining and being negative and angry would help. I didn't know how to deal with those problems I ran into, but the Lord knew that and that is exactly why he gave me those problems and he has been teaching me everyday. I got to a point where day to day I did what I could and would watch and learn keeping the problems inside until I had someone to talk to and then I would unload the negative things in my head. This is why email got to be so problem centered. I started to be better day to day and learn more but I was still letting the negative things in and unloading them on people complaining every chance I had. It's so important to be positive and not complain. Life is so short and there is so much good with so little bad. Just know I'm going forward and trying to take another step towards be positive. Maybe if I learn my lesson the Lord will stop trying to teach me and I can get the perfect comp haha. Anyways, emails for now on are going to be positive because really my mission is good and I'm having fun most of the time, learning and growing and seeing others change.
      This week we had Elder Holland come and speak to us and it was awesome/ in English. He talked about really learning and remembering what we learn on the mission for afterwards and also about being converted during your mission. We are the Lord's investigators and everything we want for our investigators he wants for us. Now every time I say something in a lesson I think about it for myself and question if I've really done it in my life. He was awesome but dad,one of the Seventy at your stake Conference I'm sure was cool too haha.
     I'm learning so much in my time here. Mom and dad you wouldn't believe it but I'm all about getting up in the morning and my body doesn't even let me sleep in anymore. The other week I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time on the mission but didn't tell yall because I forgot. It was good but I didn't get that answer that 'BAM' it's true. I got more of a stop asking me you already know just look at your life and think about what you have learned.
   I wish every missionary could live in our house with mom for a month before being my comp or that she could teach every investigator a little before we got there. There are so many things she used to say that I want to yell at people. For example, we have Hosana, the crazy cat lady and she loves to listen and pick one word to twist and argue. I remember doing this to mom and her just telling me to shut up and tell her the important part of what she said. Or how about just keeping stuff clean or thinking about others haha. Thanks mom for all you taught me. I see other people that didn't have someone like you and its black and white.
    We had one more baptism yesterday. It was Marcos' sister Sara. We are teaching everyone in the family but for some reason can't baptise them all to gether haha. I think their mom and sister will be baptised this next Sunday. They are a really cool family and already stopped drinking café and try everything we say. Only problem with the mom is she has a boy friend but he lives super far away and they only see each other like twice a year. In other words booty call haha but she knows she needs to change her life and is changing so its really cool. We also have Fransico and Ivonete still and no they didn't go to church but will this week. We have a new family that's really cool as well Hemilly and Nina. Nina is already a member but has not been to church for like 15 years but wants to come back, left her boyfriend and wants her daughter baptized. They are going thru a really hard time right now but I think we are to see some real blessings come into their lives. The work is good.
     I love yall and miss you. Hope it is all good and you're enjoying some warm weather as much as I'm enjoying some cooler weather. As always keep doing what your doing, being better everyday and rockin on.
                                         Elder Schmidt
ps: I worked out the other day just a little and I'm so freaking sore haha you change a lot on a mission.

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