Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hola from Zapandu!

Hello from Zapandu! Yeah, Im back in the isthmo just as I suspected. I left the city today at 12 30 after eating my last dominos pizza for breakfast (they only have it in the city) and got here around 6. My companions name is elder Tovar he is mexican which I am happy about to be able to improve my spanish. I am really excited to be here. The city was good, but I was starting to miss the street drunks and jacked up taxis. I love Oaxaca. The week was good, we left the area with some good investigadors and the area I just arrived to has lots of work to be done. Its a good ward and has a really nice chapel and we live in a comfy house with just the 2 of us (in my last area we were 4 and it was a bit crowded). So im happy about that. Our shower is missing the shower head and so its just a little hole in the wall. My companion described it as a manantial (spring) haha. How was the DR? Thats funny hearing about the language thing. It was for sure hard getting to mexico and not understanding much, but I consider it a huge blessing being able to learn the language and feel blessed that it didnt take too long for me to start understanding. With the mothers day call... Mothers day here is the 10th of May, however I believe that the president has authorized us to call on any day from the 10th to the 13th. I will confirm everything with you next monday but right now I think the best plan is that I will call you on skype on Sunday the 13th around 4 pm our time. But this week I will check everything and on Monday get you some more solid info. Could you send me my skype information again? I forgot my username and password... The mission is going really well, I am content to say the least. I like the quote from George Washington dad. Really the key to success in the mission boils down to 2 things... Obedience and diligence. Like was said in the past conference (By Thomas Monson I think) Do your duty is the best, leave to the Lord all the rest. I love you guys. I love this Gospel and this opportunity to serve. I thank you all for guiding me here. Stay strong in the gospel and nourish your testimonies. Hasta luego. Love Elder Millet

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