Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fasting brings miracles

Hello to all!
Well, the big news for this week is that my companion is going home. He just had his final interview today, and is heading out this week. It has been a different experience when someone goes home, and when you are the missionaries last companion before they go home, but it has been a good learning experience.
Our mission is focusing a lot on having more baptisms. I know, that seems like a pretty normal and obvious focus, but President is really trying to get our mission to be more dedicated, using all our tools, and consecrating ourselves to the work. He called me on the phone saying that our zone needed to pray and fast to find another baptism for this month of April. Right after that phone call, we hear the news that a couple in one of the areas in our zone decided to be married and baptized! So, that was exciting, and an answer to our prayers.
In accordance to President´s request, we fasted this week to soften the heart of a mother of a young man in our ward. Most of his family are members and he really likes it, but his mom does not like the church. She has not gave him permission to be baptized, mostly because the whole baptism situation was presented badly to her. But anyways, we, along with him and his uncle, did a fast. After the fast, we went to the uncle´s house  to figure out a plan of how we can help her understand everything and eventually let him get baptized. So, on Saturday night they went, and she received them well, and said that he has permission to attend church for now, which was progress! She also seemed more interested in the church and sounded more positive about the whole situation. It was great to see the answers to our prayers. It has not came yet as permission for baptism, but her heart is being softened and we are keeping the faith!
This week was a fun one. President wants us doing more contacts, so the mission goal is 75 contacts each missionary each week. The promise he left us was that if we get 75 per week, we will find at least 1 golden investigator....great promise right! We worked very diligently, and we found so many new, great people. I am really loving the mission, and the privilege it is to just find, teach, and see people make and keep covenants. I love it so much. It is something that you cant describe without experiencing it. So, experience it! Be a missionary, whether that means sending in those papers, giving a Book of Mormon to a friend, sharing a testimony to a co-worker, or loving a neighbor. It will bring forth the blessings of heaven as you participate and being to harvest in the field that is already white and ready.
Love you all. Keep us in your prayers.
Elder Babcock

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