Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh Portuguese

Hello to all! 
I am here in Salto del Guairá and loving it, even though another crazy week went by. So we are still in a Trio, tonight we are getting the calls for changes, its looking like they are setting up a "white-wash" when the two elders get taken out and I pretty much get to know the area as I go with a new comp. We have prepared more or less for it, and so I feel as ready as I can be. the area isn't too big, but it will be an interesting week to see what happens, I will let you all know next week!
For the last week and a half, we were living with 5 missionaries in a tiny, dirty, disease-infested (maybe not that far) house. It was made for 2 missionaries maximum, but we were living bad, I was sleeping on the ground, everyone was getting sick, things weren't going well. So we started looking for another house, and found one with AC, so we moved out. I kid you not, it is so small that I could take 5 steps and cross the entire house, or better said, room. It is one room, and a little bathroom. Its very crammed, but we had to get out of the other one, so we are all happy. The move was stressful, it took a lot of phone calls, trips back and forth, but all is well.
Speaking of the branch, the church is really small here. There is a lot of Portuguese, our ward mission leader only speaks Portuguese...I feel like a new missionary when I talk to him, because I can catch out most stuff, but its still confusing. Portuguese is like Spanish and German, its kinda ugly but I like it and am going to start studying a little bit. I hope to be able to understand and speak it by the time I leave here, and I hope I stay for a while.
I got a little sick this week, but it didn't slow me down, just the normal headache sinus infection things, I think its because we were living in a nasty house. Lets just say that when we moved and took out a bunch of stuff, tons of rat poop was on the ground, in the cupboards and closets.
I also got PIQUE! Its this thing when worms get into your toes and it hurts pretty bad. I noticed it last night, so I grabbed my toenail clipper thing and dug it out. all is well.
I am loving the mission. I am learning quickly and growing spiritually daily. I love the mission, I could say it a million times and not be able to express how much it has changed me and my desires, thoughts, actions, intentions, life-plans, EVERYTHING. I am enjoying growing more and more, and understanding more and more Christ's Atonement and love for me. Thanks for the letters and messages, keep me and the people here in your prayers.
Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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