Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm Happy

The truth this week I have been really happy. Just happy in general. Happy to be here, happy to serve, happy in general. I put a smiley face on my watch and every time I look at the clock now it makes me happy. And even with how I’m feeling… I am a little deep down inside sad and disappointed with the progress we’ve made in the area. It’s hard to keep the attitude up when you don’t see the fruits of your labors. I’m grateful for the people were teaching, and happy because I know that if we work hard, God will cumply with his promises too. “But as for me and my house we will (Be happy).

A few other opportunities that we had this week were 1. I cut the hair of my companions and it turned out super well, but they didn’t pay well, and 2. I had the opportunity to help Elder Roberts, who now has two weeks in Mexico with a little bit of comfort. There’s just some things the natives don’t understand with the difficulty and stress/loneliness of getting to such a different culture. I was able to read with him from my diary and bear my testimony of Jesus Christ our Savior. I’m glad I was able to see my testimony strengthened, and hope it was of small help to the Elder Roberts.

The trees here are palm trees, some that look like pines, other small bushes and trees, I really couldn't tell you what genus and species, but it’s just a tad more tropical than our house. And I don’t think there’s a fall here. There are just a few leaves always that are maturing at different times. Well have to see.

And I have to apologize that you haven’t received any of my letters… it’s that I haven’t sent any. Ha-ha ;) I have written like three letters, but from the first three weeks of being here. And nothing more… sorry. I figure letters to converts are a good excuse. And the cupcake tree was just we were passing by a members house to plan an actividad and helped her put frosting on em. That’s about it. But everything is just great here, good to hear from you and thanks for everything.

Elder Rhodes

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