Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pure Love of Christ

This week has been something extremely normal… till today. Yesterday it rained a little bit, and we have always heard of “waterfalls” in our area… so this morning we spend two and a half hours looking for the falls, and found a little stream. It was super sick… but super little. We had forgotten to bring water so we decided to pull a bear gryll's and drink from the mountain stream. It all seemed well and super tasty till we climbed up a little higher and saw there was a big pile of crap in a little pond… ha-ha J gotta enjoy it ha-ha. Heard a quote this week… and it sounds better in Spanish “La vida es como una paleta, si la disfrutas… se acaba… si no… también.” Life is like a sucker. If you enjoy it… it runs out… if not… it still runs out. Ha-ha after coming down from the mountain we stopped by a pharmacy to buy some water and saw a girl speaking English. She was talking to her kid and was saying she has to eat her fruit at school so I said in English “and your vegetables” She got super pumped and said a few bad words… and we set up an appointment to visit her Jueves (Thursday). Ha-ha.

La historia spiritual esta semana fue esto: My companion felt like we should go to the house of some menos active people and so we went. We hadn’t found them before this occasion, but they opened up for us, and we shared a short message on repentance and the story of Leonti and Amalakia. They shared their testimonies on how they know of the tender mercies of the Lord, and that the missionaries always come in the opportune moment. They strengthened my testimony a lot and I really felt, I don’t know how… but a pure love of Christ for them. I didn’t feel like they were leaning on us for comfort… and I didn’t feel like it was us giving the message, but I really felt like they were my friend and my brothers. Unfortunately they are moving this weekend to another ward… I bore my testimony of family and the example of parents… starting with my own and finishing testifying of the blessings promised to them in the future. The first time in a long time that I have cried during a lesson (Luckily It was when my companion was saying the prayer so no one saw). I hope all goes well with them and really hope I can find such friends in the mission to help receive the gospel. Reach out to someone in need.
Elder Shaun Rhodes

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