Monday, September 5, 2011

Que Chido (How Cool)

Estamos saliendo de la canicula! La canicula are the 40 hottest days of the year… and it’s just about over. J And another great blessing- Our room has air conditioning, so this month the hottest month of the year, we have been able to sleep. Crazy that another month has passed and changes are next week. I’m hoping Elder Calva and I stay another exchange together. I love the area and I would love to be here another bit of time. Having a few problems with commitments, but what missionary doesn’t J Were happy and working. Had interviews with the president and its all good, would have wished to talk to him longer but really all is well, so the entrevista only took about three minutes of me sharing my testimony. Ha-ha. Todo tranquilo.

We had stake conference this week and had Elder Lyons from the quorum of the seventy speak to us. He was super direct and positive. Our mission president also spoke and he talked about the missionary work. It was great and we’ve been able to work with the members to find more of their neighbors and family members to teach. This week I have been studying the story of JOB in the bible. And how he was richly blessed… Satan said that he was righteous only because he was blessed… so god let Satan take everything away from him… still happy… still diligent… takes away his health… literally everything. And I would like to repeat the words of Job “Yo se que vive mi Señor.” I know that my redeemer lives.

I was pondering what a testimony is. Reading a talk in the Liahona I found a line that I really liked. “Valor es lo que hacemos cuando nadie esta en nuestro alrededor” Dignity is what we do when no one is around us. And I thought of the same with Job. “Un testimonio es lo que creemos cuando todo lo que tenemos ha sido quitado”…Testimony is what we believe when everything has been taken away from us. Analyzing my testimony I would need to say it still needs some work, I’m sure it will till I leave this earth… but as for now I’m enjoying the blessings that the lord has put in my path. May we analyze our testimonies and strengthen the parts that may fall if everything was taken away from us. Yo se que vive mi señor.

Elder Rhodes

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