Monday, September 5, 2011

With the Help of Members

So I feel like last week I didn’t mention enough good things about my companion. The truth is we get along great, not perfect but I’m not expecting anything like that. He’s a good person and we work together well, we really do everything well together, just the few small differences that get between us. I can say that honestly, he’s the companion that has helped me the most with my Spanish in all of my mission. He loves to serve, loves to smile and we are working together great. From every companion you learn what you need to learn.

With my first companion Elder Islas I learned obedience. It was tough adjusting to a new situation and country and everything and that made things a little difficult but I really enjoyed working with him. Elder Lopez came and it was hard adjusting to the disobedience and that was the only case that we had problems. After our three months together we had a talk and thanked each other for the wonderful experiences we had in Buena Vista II. In that talk we were able to tell each other straight up everything between us. I made him mad once in three months, and he made me frustrated once right about the same time, I’m grateful for each companion I’ve had... including elder Calva. I know we are going to be able to work together really well these two weeks of the transfer... and if we are together another transfer I will be perfectly fine with that too. He’s a great Friend and I appreciate all that he’s done and is doing for me.

No interviews this week, sometime in the first few weeks of September. The sun is hot as ever, it rained super hard Friday and we had a blast, all the streets, instead of changing to swimming pools like in Matamoros... because we’re right next to the mountains all the streets changed to rivers. We’re finding great people, really atent people in this area. (I hope that’s a word) like they understand really well what we’re teaching... and I’m loving the area. There are a lot of members in a very small area, and most are willing and anxious to serve. I hope when I return home I can help the missionaries like the members are helping us. We can call up members... ask them if they can company us on a lesson, and even if they have activities... are willing to put everything behind to help others. In True to the Faith there is a quote "La clave de la verdadera felicidad en esta vida es esforzarse de lograr la felicidad de los demas" (The key to true happiness in this life is striving to help others feel happy) its prettier in Spanish. Thanks for all your love and prayers. Do something small to help others... it might not be small for them.

Elder Rhodes

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