Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Need for Others

Well it’s late and p-day ends at six so I gotta write quick. Changes today, but we continue the same. Elder Calva and I in Nueva Aurora. I’m lovin the area and this week put me to thinking. Elder Elbert and Elder Velazquez both changed area and two new elders are coming to the house. The reason I was thinking this week was that Elder Elbert is going home in only a few months… and we’ve had some sweet talks about the future… mine a little further off ha-ha, but we got to thinking on how he has changed, and what he has done to change. He was a lot like me, and when we got to thinking… I figured out why I’ve had a few little problems with some companions.

I realized that in my life I’ve been perfectly content alone. I know I’ve always had my family and we get along great, I had some friends and the same… we get along super. But when I get thinking about it… The activities I did… were a lot of the time, alone. Skiing… A lot of the time solo… I guess you can go with other people, but the only thing you choose together is what routes to take… Biking… The same, a lot of the time alone, but even if your with others, one man, one bike, and finally hiking. I’ve loved my morning hikes alone, again it is something that is done with others, but I’ve been perfectly happy alone. It’s definitely interesting to have the feeling of someone leaning on you, someone looking to you to laugh at their jokes, to follow your example in every step. And it has been hard for me. My path and my direction… but that is not the example that The Savior put for us. He suffered… alone… he died… with robbers (essentially alone) and he resurrected… alone. But as he suffered for us, we are reliant on his actions. We cannot do this alone; we have a profound need for our savior. Its hard at times to get used to what you have to do, to face reality… but a quote that I found that I really like was “The dream of being a better man… is a waste of the man you are” When we see that there is room for improvement… there is a need. We need to act on it.

I’m grateful for the mish and grateful for all the opportunities I have to help others… and myself to realize our life goals.

Thanks Mom and Dad… love you. Pray for me that I may be able to improve my character. Love

Elder Shaun Rhodes

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