Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New area of Zicatela

Elder Millet is now serving the city of Zicatela which is located on the pacific ocean side of Oaxaca. His companion is Elder Maldonado who is from Mexico and is really awesome. He is the most dedicated missionary
Taylor has ever had. They are taking 40 minute taxi rides to meet with investigators and walking hours through the forest to get to some of the houses. It is so awesome here...we usually have to ride a camioneta (truck with benches in the back) to get to our area, it's about 20-30 minutes walking distance from our house. And every time we take one of those we can relax for 5 minutes and look out at the ocean, it is so beautiful! The majority of our area if filled with condensed forest and we take paths to get to the casa's and sometimes we even have to cross little rivers, it is so cool. We have been busy teaching the investigators that the other missionaries already had before we came, and we found 10 new investigators this week. They are all doing well and progressing with plan to be baptized soon. We had some really awesome things happen to us this week and every night we are dead tired from running around and climbing the crazy streets here. Last night we were a little off schedule and were late to an appointment by about 2 hours, haha, and on the way to it we saw some people removing some dirt and so we went to help them. After helping them for a while we eventually got to talking about the church. It was a man and woman both about 50 years old. We finished helping them and they invited us to sit down and talk. So we taught them a lesson and they seemed interested. Towards the end of the lesson we saw the investigator who was our appointment walking our way, and we thought he was going to walk past because we though his house was farther up the road. But he walked to the house we were in and it turns out that those people were his parents, It was pretty crazy. The ward here is good there are a few really strong members and about 50 active members, out of 400 total members in the branch. Here in our area there is a couple missionary companionship, Hermana and Elder Velasquez. We get to work with them about once a week and they really help us out. It is really great to be here and see the humble circumstances of some of the people here and the pure love they have toward us. Elder Maldonado and I are both inexperienced, he has 2 months in the mission and I have 5, but we are learning a lot. We get to do all kinds of service and feel like that is one of the best ways to gain the confidence of people. Tell everyone thanks
for there support, prayers and letters.
Love, Elder Millet

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