Monday, January 31, 2011

Vanhin Merkley's first week at the MTC

hey everyone. The mtc is crazy. Wed to Sat was torturous. I hated it. Everyone kept saying if you make it to sunday it gets way better, but I was like there is no way i will ever like this. But by sunday you kind of figure out your funk and it really has gotten so much better. It is still way hard but so much better than before. a lot of that has to do with my district. I luckily have a super awesome group and we all get along pretty well and have tons of fun. Its good that we have fun because the language is very strenuous and if I didnt have people i liked around me, it would never allow me to unwind and relax. The Finnish is coming very slowly, but coming. I have 11 more weeks in this place and everyday we learn so much. I am working hard to learn and remember all I can.

The food is just like regular cafeteria food. Good sometimes but pretty nasty other times, and always pretty unhealthy. But i eat a lot of fruit so its all good.

My district has nine people in all. 1 companionship has been here longer so in class there are only 7 of us. 1 sisar companionship. 1 other vanhin (elder) companionship. and then I am in a tri companionship. My companions are vanhin lemoine and haws. They are both nice dudes. Haws is a surfer from california and just an all around great guy. He is just the best missionary you could ever think of... He works hard but is also fun and knows how to not be stressed all the time. I really like him. Lemoine is alright to. It is great that it is a tri cuz when i get annoyed of lemoine i can just chill more with haws. I never really get sick of haws. The other two are way awesome. We all laugh so much. Their names are Vanhin Carr and Pope. I really get along with pope. He is probably the one most like me... he loves movies and music and is way funny.

The gospel side of things here is sort of overwhelming. It is constant, which is not unusual cuz i am at the MTC but it is tiring at times. Its good for me though i guess. Gym is way fun. I am playing a lot of basketball which is great. I have pretty much adjusted and am enjoying myself pretty well these days. But I am definitely missing everyone and everything. I have thought individually about every single family member and friend. It is hard when you want to talk to somebody about things and be real with what you are thinking, but there is no body to talk to.

Overall. Pretty good stuff. way hard, but pretty good. It seems like everyday just keeps getting a little better and a little better. Thanks for the dear elders. They are so great to get.

Thanks love you all Vanhin Merkley

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