Friday, January 21, 2011

Buenos Dias

So there really wasn't too much to talk about this week, not much that is going on. Elder Holland came on Tuesday and spoke, HES THE MAN really good speaker, like really scary cause he can yell at us for a minute and within seconds he can bring the spirit right back into the meeting (not yell at us just really powerful statements) We learned a lot and it was super good. Carter is leaving on Monday so that's kinda sad, we had a nice chat on service day, he came and did service at my building and we talked and then i went to his building and did service and we talked for a while. Sad to see him go but really exited for him. Much to my surprise, it was a normal Wednesday, and just as i was leaving a computer lab where i was studying, I heard "oh wassup man?" coming from a dear friend. Steve, i mean elder Gasik is back in the MTC, soo stoked for him, so glad they kept his call and all is well with his family. that made my Wednesday. I'm exited for Johnny to come next Wednesday, maybe I'll see ya. Really not much else going on this week, really normal, nice to get into a steady routine. Anyway have fun and thanks for everything!

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