Monday, January 31, 2011

Semana Seis

So this week is about the easiest week in the MTC so far, my mind just goes blank and all of a sudden i find its time for another p-day, time flies. Had another Hasta Ver when a district left, in all seriousness, the parts of my district i didn't grow to like so much left on Tuesday so all is well. New district came in on Wednesday, i thought my district had some big kids like my companion who is 6' 3" and about 245, the new kid in our zone 6' 6" 305 lbs. and turned 19 yesterday. crazy. Reinforce the bed??? i don't think he fits.
John Merkley is doing good now, the first few days are always super stressful and crazy. Everyone in the MTC says, "Just make it 'til Sunday and you'll be OK". And that's the way it was for John. I saw him on Wednesday and asked him how he's doing, if the MTC is getting better and he said he actually really liked it.
I'm good now - time flies and I don't mind the MTC. Travel plans could come next week, although I've never heard of them coming that soon (even though that's when they are 'meant' to come) for people going to Mexico. I'll let you know. Probably be here an extra few weeks or get reassigned to the U.S. for a few months.
Breakfast is so good in the temple! I only wish I could cook the food in the MTC, homemade waffles, eggs, and Costco bacon! DON'T TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED!
Anyway that really is it have fun thanks for the shout-outs.

Elder Rhodes

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