Monday, January 31, 2011

oh esta todo bien ...

Hello to all!

Another crazy week has come and go, and I find myself here to report to everyone at home.

First things first, I had my first baptism (of the mission, dont worry jake i still remember your baptism as well) this week, Sebastian Vera Gaona, 10 years old. It was an unforgettable experience, it was great to get here and be involved quickly in the sacred ordinance of baptism.

Last week I failed to mention that Elder Colligan and I are still continuing our luck by being in the same zone, Luque Norte B Zona: Zona Más Purete (cool zone, half Spanish half
Guarani). So we get to see each other once a week at district meetings and also most P Days as well.

We have stayed busy this week teaching many lessons, visiting with ward members, and contacting so that we can find even more to teach. The people in Paraguay are very open, and at practically any time (besides siesta when they nap and during meals) we clap a house (yes clap), they will let us enter and sit under the big mango trees and share our message about Jesus Christ. I love the people here already, and love working with them and helping them in every way possible.

The language is coming along pretty well. The Paraguayans have an interesting way of communication... they dont speak relatively fast compared to other countries (yet its still way too fast when you're learning), however they are always mumbling, dont say "s" (instead of saying "mas o menos" they say "maomeno" all slurred), speak in castellano vos instead of Tu form, and use tons of Guarani mixed with Spanish. So....its been a difficult process trying to understand everything and be able to communicate my best, but i know it will come, and im working hard to figure it all out. Please continue to pray for me so that i can share the message of the restored gospel with the people here effectively.

I cant complain about anything at all here. Yes its hot and humid, but we recently got AC in our house (yet it broke after day 1 and we are in the process of fixing it). The food has been surprisingly not bad. Ive only had one meal where i was a little hesitant, which was when we were eating with a member and he cooked us steaks, yet what he brought out to me had no meat on it, only undercooked fat. So that one was somewhat difficult, but overall the food, lifestyle, culture, everything has been awesome.

Today is P Day, and we went fishing again near Limpio with the whole zone. Also, we went to Asunción because my companion is zone leader, so we had to drop off some fitas at the mission office. So after we made a quick stop at the McDonald's to eat and to do emailing because it is free. So i am in McDonald's right now actually. (PS the food here is really good, I dont know if thats because I was hungry, haven't had American food for a little, or if it is indeed better, but it was delicious).

Anyways, since I am on the topic of fishing, I have been studying the Attributes of Christ Section in PMG, and right at the beginning it talks about "Fishers of Men". Though I do love spending P Day morning fishing the Rio Paraguay, it is the other 6 days that I love fishing the most: being a missionary, and doing the same as the apostles in the time when Christ was on the earth, which was to be fishermen OF men. I have a testimony of missionary work, and I am SO thankful that I am able to serve a mission. It is such an incredible opportunity to represent Jesus Christ, and to help others to come unto Him, and follow Him. I am thankful that I made the decision to serve a mission because I know I can be an instrument in the hands of God, and to help all of His children come and return to live with him again, through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Though at times it is difficult to be a missionary, it is ALWAYS worth it.

Well, thats all the time for this week. I love you all and miss you so much. Please pray for me and the people here. Keep in touch! Thanks for all the support, it means so much.

Con Amor,
Elder Babcock

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