Sunday, January 9, 2011

Semana Tres

Hey so the MTC is going great! A new batch of missionaries came in on Wednesday and it made me realize I’m working on my third week. It’s funny cause the hours seem to go by slow, but the days are going so fast, I find myself asking what I even did during the day sometimes. Spanish is going pretty good, I’m starting to make sentences and I think there almost correct. It seems like just as you are starting to get the hang of things, you are humbled by how hard it really is...Christmas was pretty good, I always heard it will be your best ever... it’s just not the same as when you’re a kid and Santa comes and you wait at the top of the stairs to come down to see what he brought you. But it was good, Elder Nelson came and spoke for Christmas devotional, and spoke for priesthood meeting the following morning. He’s the man. Christmas day we opened presents in the morning with a few of the companionships, thanks for the presents, and had a pretty normal day. Sack lunch for dinner, I will never take Christmas/thanksgiving for granted again. My schedule is still pretty messed up with Christmas and new years, and I’ve only met my real teachers once. But it’s still going ok. I really like my zone and my district, there are a lot of really cool people. I am definitely missing the snow, I like that it snows, but it reminds me of skiing and how much fun friends are having at home cruising. My comment last week about missionaries gain weight because of their grandmothers food they send... true... but it doesn’t help when your mom sends four pounds of your favorite cake. Shared it, but the leftovers just stared at me every night until it was finished. Soo much food. It’s good to see carter and Cameron here, and there are a bunch of people from our school, I’m stoked to have john come in a few weeks. Let me know what Jared’s call is when anyone finds out I’m super exited for the kid.

I haven’t really done anything spiritual in my e-mails, or shared my testimony, but I had some cool stuff happen to me this week. Before my mission I prayed to be able to have a good companion in the MTC that could make the experience do able. I haven’t really told many people, but my companion and I didn’t really get along the greatest. We were definitely having troubles... people say the "honeymoon stage" wares off in a week. It took us a day. Anyway I so that our situation would work out. I got a feeling on Sunday that I should do little things for him that he struggles with like packing his bag and making his bed so we can be on time, and everything would work out. I did this for a day, it didn’t do the trick, but I felt a little better. The next day I started out doing the same things, and trying to help him out, later in the day, he moved into a higher Spanish class and left our district. I was left with being a trio with my roommates and companions Elder Davis... The BFG and Elder Sorenson our district leader. I really enjoy both of them. Not only were my prayers answered about my companionship with elder Hansen answered, but also the prayers before my mission to have a companion that would make the MTC experience enjoyable. God works in mysterious ways and I know that if we have faith in him and follow the prompting we receive, it may not work out how we expect, it may work out better. I’m really enjoying the MTC and your letters and packages make it all that better.

-Elder Rhodes

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