Saturday, February 5, 2011

This week was good. It went by really fast.


my week has been pretty normal. Everyday seems the same, we wake up, im tired, study, still tired, eat breakfast, still tired, class lunch class (tired throughout) then dinner, then spiritual devotional or something... I am always tired though... I dont know why. i think i will eventually get into more of a time routine that will make me not as tired. With that schedule you are probably thinking "wow that sucks, he probably is hating his life hardcore right now" but the truth is it is pretty fun here. My district is great and way fun. Me and elder pope invented this awesome game called planner shootout... two young men take three steps away from each other, someone says go and then you turn and have to pull your planner out of your little pocket and throw it at the other person... we are getting pretty good. We also all made these drinks at lunch and named them after jersey shore members....(for those of you who do not know what this is, it is a ridiculously mind numming tv show) but we made eight drink combos and then on tue had the "jersey shore challenge" which is you have to drink all eight and then hold it for two hours. The snooki was soo nasty. OJ and milk and a mix of everything else. But me and three others completed it and now we get to sign our name in this book... We invented this challeng and hope to inspire future finns down the road to strive for completion. We will pass the book down thru the ages.This all sounds really dumb, and it is. But the mtc is so much studying and work that you need something really stupid to even everything out...

The language is coming. The grammer is hard but finnish is really a smart language. Once you learn the rules it is like a math equation.

The church thing is coming too. I still have a lot of questions about stuff but feel overall pretty good most of the days. And finallly the moment youve all been waiting for............... my scripture (for the ward plaque!!) its in mathew, towards the beginning and says something along the lines of "for what does a man profiteth if he shall gain the whole world but lose his own soul" that one really speaks to me... I love it. pure poetry

Companionship is good too. I get a little annoyed every once and a while, but overall nothing to big.

The food is getting to me....

Thanks for all the letters and support. I miss everyone soo bad. I love to hear from all of you, even the short little paragraphs are great. To those who want to: i really miss normal funny stuff. Like a good simpsons quote or something... So feel free to add that if you want to

Much love yo

Vanhin Merkley

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