Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something I need to do

We also had district meeting in Rauma. They all dared me to eat the end of a watermelon with no utensils. I fully accepted because come on, it’s a dare, you can’t say no to a dare. I went at it and they filmed it so when I send it home, it's alot more funny if you watch it on fast forward.

We found 4 new investigators which was fun.  Two of them are these super great people from China. They don’t speak English perfectly well and they have no Christian background at all, but the first teach with them went really well. We talked about prayer with them, which was a completely foreign idea. One of my favorite questions they had was "What is pray?"

About my homecoming--President Rawlings told me that the only option is going home December 18 or stay my full mission and go home February 7. These are the only options because pulling a missionary out mid way through a transfer has a lot of complications (closing a city, moving missionaries, etc.) Going home on December 18 is too early for me. I need to stay, which means I’ll be coming home February 7.  I know that if I don’t stay, I will regret it. This is something I need to do.

We got the change call this week. Elder Kääriä is leaving and I will be getting a new Swede companion. President Rawlings joked that there is something the Swedes need from being a companion with me and something I need from the Swedes. I personally think that he keeps putting with these Europeans hoping that some of their sense of style will rub off on me.  But I have been with Kääriä for 3 months and my ties are as hideous as ever. I’m still going strong.  It will be sad to say goodbye to Elder Kääriä. He has been the perfect companion and the perfect time for me. I respect the guy a lot.

Love you all,
Vanhin Merkley

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