Sunday, August 12, 2012

80 Day Challenge to all

Hey THANKS for the great emails. It was definitely cool to see the lake and the pictures of Hermana Juana. that’s awesome that Connor Barlow’s coming here to this mission, it’s going to be just in time to miss him huh? Too bad, it’s a great mission, get him exited for it. There’s a lot of Mexicans here ha-ha.
We had the absolutely wonderful opportunity to have a baptism today... and writing in my journal last night I wrote "I don’t understand why, but I feel just happy" that’s definitely a good sign. Her name is Romina, she’s the girlfriend of an ex missionary and her family is really catholic, but she’s a strong person. A Paul type of convert. I’ll try sending pictures in the afternoon, I’ve been having problems with sending pics, whenever I try to put the card into the computer it says "format to continue" but I’m definitely not going to format it cause it’s got some GREAT pics... so ill figure out a way to get them to you. I’ve been getting professional at family home evenings now that were working a lot with members... I think that would be a sweet calling "stake family home evening representative"

Hey I want to start something, if you’re not already reading it, and tell tanner too, I haven’t written him but I want to read the book of Mormon once before I get home. I call it the 80 days challenge. Three chapters a day and you finish in less than eighty days. (Rachelle calculated if you read around 4-5 pages per day, you can finish prior to Shaun coming home) So you wanna read it with me? Family? Tanner? I started reading yesterday and fell in love with English and my English scriptures... Learned that sacrifice is going to come back in style, so I think next we’ll start reading the Old Testament :) Anyway I’ll try getting the pictures this afternoon to ya... love ya and tell Connor to drop his girlfriend and get ready to have fun... I can’t explain the feeling on exchanges this Saturday with a trio, we were three white guys eating in an authentic Mexican restaurant (seeing that were in Mexico)... it just doesn’t get much better than that, with the next day being a wonderful baptism.  
On Saturday I went on exchanges with a trio in another area. I’m still in a companionship, my companion just stayed in the area. I’m not in, nor will I be in a trio :) It was actually with elder Holly (the missionary I traveled with to get here, and another American Elder Sorensen who has like 14 months on the mission. I’ll try sending a pic of the trio I was with tonight with the rest of the pics. Love you family and thanks for the letters See ya  Elder Rhodes

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