Sunday, August 12, 2012

Golden Family

Well no pictures this week, but it went pretty well. On Tuesday we received a reference from another ward of a "golden family" anyway we call him up, sounded exited, and go to meet him. Well it’s a complete family of 6, five in the baptismal age, and they are progressing really fast. They’ve gone to church, he knows the book of Mormon is true, his kids like the church and are excited to keep going, and we had a get-together with the bishop and they got along really well and stayed talking with them for a pretty long time... They will be baptized the twenty-sixth of this month. But I’m thinking I’m not going to be here for it because changes are next week. My companion only has one change left so if I stay, I'll be staying here for the next nine months... or I’ll leave. I’ll do what the lord wants but I’m thinking I might leave next week. Anyway that was the great experience of the week; it’s kind of really hot here, like really really hot :) Sometimes I imagine above my head the little energy bars that are above Pok√©mon or like whatever action figure that tells them how much life they have left, and in the middle of the day see it dropping really really fast ha-ha We gave a training meeting in the zone conference this week and president said it was the best of all the conferences he’d been to.
Nice compliment. I’m exited to keep studying and learning. I’m on track in second Nephi 3. Sounds like a lot of people are going to be doing it. Thanks for the support

Elder Rhodes

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