Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Clean Conscience

Well this week in our ward Victoria (Victory) we had the wonderful opportunity to see a family of six walk in just in time for sacrament meeting. They already know a lot of the members and are progressing extremely fast. Their baptism is for the 26th of this month. They actually even signed up to clean the chapel on Saturday :) Not even the members show up to clean the chapel ha-ha. Our ward is kinda sad... I hope they can be a pillar of strength and a flow of excitement here. They testified of the Book of Mormon and the truthfulness of the gospel. What a fun opportunity as a missionary.
Oh and our changes! I get to stay here to see their baptism and I think progression in the gospel. Elder Avila and I will stay together till Elder Avila goes home. Then I’m sure I’ll be here for another exchange to receive someone new here... and then I only have one exchange left. So looks like this might be my last area! It’s going to be another long time in the same ward. Another 9 month-er I think. Pray for me and I’ll do the same :) I said a prayer like I always do before receiving the exchanges and I promised to do all that I can do, expressed my feelings and desires and left the rest up to the boss. Well I guess our "natural eyes can’t see the designs of our God" ...yet :) I’m sure something will happen here that will serve for my good in the future and for my time in this area. I’m exited to keep being a missionary and just oh so jolly to see this family learning and applying.
Mom we kept things simple (at the Zone Conference) and tried to let the "spirit be the teacher" it’s a type of plan that elder Bednar taught us and President said that we applied the plan very well, letting the missionaries reason and understand on their own, leading them with basic gospel principles. It was pretty great. We taught on how to make and keep commitments. I just wanted to share one last thing. In my reading this week of the book of Mormon, the words and prophecies of Isaiah and the gospel of Jesus Christ, I felt something different. Every time I passed by "repent ye, repent ye" "ye that doth not repenteth shallth be thrusteth to an endless hell and woweth" and all the rest of the thousand times it says repent in second Nephi, well I guess you could say the whole Book of Mormon right? But every time I passed by one of those phrases and scriptures, I had a warm peaceful feeling, a feeling of "keep it up" and keep doing you best. Keep repenting, but nothing to do with guilt. I love reading the Book of Mormon having a clean conscience and knowing you’re doing your best. The "great comforter".
Thanks for everything Mum and Dud

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