Friday, August 10, 2012

Lighten Their Load

Everything is going well. The summer is flying by pretty dang fast. The days are already starting to get darker and darker. But the Finns all say that we have a solid month of summer left, so as for now, the short sleeve stays on.

We had splits in Pori. I learned a lot because we met with this really friendly less active man, he was really great but he was going through a hard time because he did not have a lot of confidence in himself. It made me realize that everyone in life has some sort of problem that they are trying to deal with, and the best way to lighten your load is by helping others lighten theirs. Little things can make a big difference to people. Throughout my whole mission, I have been trying to keep track of the things I want to keep doing when I get back, and looking for the small ways to give people a boost is definitely one of them. I mean the times where the voice in your head says "Hey this is a little awkward, but you should help that old lady of the bus" or whatever it may be. Those things can really help, and we never know what is in their heads. It could be doing a lot more good than we know.

Today we went and visited the Tuomio Kirkko (2nd time for me). It was really fun because we were with the sisters and the senior couple here in Turku. Afterwards we had lunch. In the mornings we have been playing frisbee with the sisters. It has been good to get out of the apartment. I am not too hot at throwing a frisbee but my main skill is running like a dog and going for the hail marys. I have not yet mastered catching it with my mouth, but all in due time.

Ok everyone. I love you and stuff. Have some fun and exciting weeks. But hey, stay safe out there.
Vanhin Merk

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