Friday, June 3, 2011

I have no idea what you just said

All is well here. Not to much to report.... We do have a baptism this friday and i am going to be the one to actually baptize her. haha. It will be in Finnish so its a little sketchy though. The lady is from Russia and super golden. She has had absolutely no problems and has fully embraced everything so far. We always teach at this older members house... I love the member. I can get her crackin up pretty hard when i give one of my "I have absolutely no idea what you just said" looks... haha. She is really great.
Me and Vanhin Gamblin have been ridiculously late this week. It is really hard to be organized in this city which some missionaries call "the jungle" but we are doing a little better than we were. haha man, we have had some slightly intense moments. But mostly, we get along pretty well and get a lot of things done.
This week we taught this guy who we met by him talking to us... Later we found out that he had a feeling to leave his work and walk down this random road which led him straight to us.. pretty wild. He is super solid and we hope to set a baptisimal date with him next teach. Finland is doing really well with missionary work... Im excited to see what the new prez is like. Our current Prez leaves in a month.
I went to a thrift store today and bought some dope pants and a coin purse... Im totally european these days.
A mission is a roller coaster. And it sucks sometimes but other times, you see the powerful affect this can have on people. In foreign countries it is easier to see the power. Not everyone is a mormon. Some people travel way far to get to church. Some only sleep for an hour before the leave for church. And you realize that they love and cling to this gospel, the same gospel that we have always taking advantage of. We are preaching a pretty great thing...
Love you all and stuff.

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